Madrelingua Italiana, Inc. provides translating services of written text to and from Italian, English and Spanish. All our translators are native linguists and are specialists in different fields. We select our linguists for you, based on the area of…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each project assignment starts with the client’s request through sending us the document for which translation is needed. We will then evaluate the type of work necessary for the translation and will submit a price quotation based on our analysis. Upon approval from the client, we will officially start the first step, of the three needed to complete the service: translating the document from the source to the target language. As a second step, another member of our team will proofread the document against the original, performing a grammar check (for syntax, morphology, vocabulary and semantics), and to ensure that culturally different thoughts and not-straightforward sentences, (idioms, for instance) are properly translated in the document we produce. Any change that is made is further reviewed from the original translator and additional changes could be made if he or she deems it appropriate. As third final step, the document is proofread once more to ensure each of its parts is grammatically correct and that all of its contents flow appropriately in accordance with the original document.

All of our translators are highly trained and experienced in the field of translation, and are native in the target language - which is the language we translate the document into. This is important to ensure that the translated document we produce is of the highest possible quality and reads as though it was written in that language originally and not as though it was translated.

The standard turnaround time is three business days. To this, administration time may be added for formatting work, if requested. For documents over 2,000 words or those that are highly technical in nature, additional time will be required. We will discuss any detail with client at the time of quotation.

If the text to be translated contains confidential information, we guarantee, contractually upon request, total confidentiality in handling the information which you entrust to us.

The easiest way to get started is by completing the Free Quote form in all of its parts and uploading the document(s) you wish to have translated to our secure server. Or, if you prefer, you may choose to send us your documents via postal service or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send the finished translation back to you by your preferred method of delivery.

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